Less of Me…

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^The Only Wise God^

not to be here to be here by myself for myself and all that I amAnd all that I am NOT in to know that the great mind that I see an example of within myself is reflective of my understanding of the consciousness Of the characteristics the principles the mind sets the attributes to the actions the ways of thinking of the Most High God..

And I just cannot say that I would spend the more the majority of my time on myself, And the faults in the broken is in the wrong decisions in the error and the fallen short of the grace that I of the standard that I’m saved by grace.

But speaking of the authority in the Dominion and the power and the glory From the everlasting arms this the three ternity and will forever will be from generations pass through infinity and beyond forever and ever amen…

The learning that this is a journey this is not a sprint this is not you finally just get there you take the trip you take the journey take the time in the observed along the way.

See I can’t let myself keep getting in the way like even it when i know that I am supposed to be in the flow and I can’t stop myself, I can feel the heartbeat the heartbeat of life the heart beat of the music video inside of my heart the heartbeat of the love of Christ.

I know that I can stand I know that I can make it no matter what is going through I know that I’m in his hands and that he never fails…

Jesus my Lord and my Savior…

Forgive me I come before you a broken man when stripped of all of my pride my ego and all the Cutting of my own plans my own imagination my own thoughts my own direction that has failed myself in life. And realizing as you promised in your word that your strength is made perfect in my weakness Lord less of me and more of you.

There is no other way for me to sugar coat it to cover it to play it to say anything other than what is true and what is real in this moment that your holy spirit is having with me right now…

Even the Psalms 126 verse 5 says they that sow in tears shall reap in joy.. Who’s this is just reminding us that there is sunshine after the rain those too. This came for the even though it was difficult they were crying but they had their seeds.

Wow I have been looking for you and now that I am change nothing can take me away from you all my goodness of Revelation.

What experiences of humility have I endured and I have I seen in my life that allowed me to come to this place Where I find my identity completely renewed from the pulling and like a tow truck in to a new birth of new creation my Soul’ Surrenders Hallelu Jah^

I really could get more intellectual and some more into the books in the reading but right now my soul just want to praise just wants to worship just want to lift you up.

You have blessed me O Lord deeply richly in immensely and I cannot do anything else but give you thanks.

There should never be another issue another problem with finding The correspondence that precedes the narration that comes lyrically over recordings And live performances

As I find myself being built day by day step by step brick by brick at even as Solomon’s Temple was being established..

Baking Daily Bread

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What would you do?

If your well of resources was increased dramatically in a short amount of time Allowing you opportunity and freedom to have A great sword of leverage of the use of the tool of money that’s more than you’ve ever had previously.

Let’s say for instance that you are a bake shop owner in a bakery in a small town. And you set out with your idea originating about which passing and sharing joy through your baked goods And you build your bakery.

Let’s say that one of the main appeals and one of the main attractions to the bakery is the secret recipe that was passed down from generations In your family and it was one of the motivating factors that motivated you to pursue even cooking and culinary arts Because you saw how much the family appreciated grandma’s pies and other specialty baked goods when she brought then for the consumption of family. Oh so now you have a mission now you have a purpose you want to continue on what you have learned from your grandmother and carry out the legacy in a bigger and more expansive way.

You take stock of your personal resources you ask for loans and you borrow and you rally support from your building team, You basically take every highway by way never stop at any challenge and never give up and just keep going impression and every avenue, we rest on the faith that all things are working together for our good of us who Luh’ God and is being called according to his abundant, authoritative purpose.

You finally get your keys and unlock the door and the you know have your house warming party you know you business starting partying Or maybe you’re someone like me who had to start and didn’t have necessarily of the support and the rallying of those around, But nevertheless understanding that nothing can stop you but you you make the important moves that you need to to get to work.

And now the different ingredients come together for the crock pot of our life as we let it simmer, set, and seasoned Slowly but surely not how you would think that a microwave with work but in a generation where taking the time needed is paramount to an act of Rebelling to the pace of your environment to live deeply within the precious moments of time that you have in life. Ahh there were trials the tests, difficulties there were storms they were struggles the set backs but they’re also it was also progress in mist of all of it.

And even after we have suffered for a little while the God of all Grace who is called us to his eternal glory through Christ Will confirm perfet strengthen and establish our steps.

So we press on toward the mark and the break through the miracle the prayer comes to pass and we find our territories enlarged to have sufficient currents of capital to have more leverage to disperse your contributions among your prioritized assets and investments and saving and generosity and also taking care of yourself, health, as a sexy strong smiling  swanky smooth groomed groovy soul child.

And is like whoa hello welcome to our new normal and no turning back no reverting back to how it used to be.

I wish hope and pray that I was able to authentically express this position at this time and where it could be related to by anyone anywhere regardless of background.

To step to the microphone to answer the call for more and to continue to see the result the concrete fruit of that diligence.


Just keep Swimming

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When you are the closest to the shore….

is when you are the closest to collapsing..

I want to segue into this piece about keeping the pace while swimming to the finish on a story by a lady named Florence Chadwick.

This lady was a champion swimmer and in the mid-1950s she had attempted to swim a span of the Pacific ocean.

Now I must inform you if you’re not familiar with the body of water the piece that she was going to undertake was a span of about 26 miles.

Which is an astronomical feat regardless of the fact that she did have accompaniment in small boats nearby just in case she got hurt or tired.

Now she’s going hour after hour and going and stroking and digging deep and taking one heave after one stroke after the next breath in repeat mode. Little by little the fatigue and the tiredness begins to seep into her body and see begin to doubt whether she would make it. Alas Florence was a fighter she says she’s not giving in so she kept going she swam for another hour but then eventually finally asked to be pulled out due to exhaustion and believing that the coast line was a million miles away.

This lady is known in the big leagues for long distance scaling of massive bodies of water not the indoors where you need to clean and utilize pool resurfacing services

Yet to her utter surprise, when she got into the boat and she got briefed on her progress she learned she stopped less than a mile short of the destination.

The next day she gets the front of the press conference and they all them have their questions and cameras and microphones and they wanted to know how did you not make it just the mile to go?

Well she told him that all she could see with her eyes was the fog limiting her visibility therefore making the journey feel impossible, She says that she thinks that if she could have seen this coastline in the distance she would have made it.

What a clear picture of a reminder that we need to look at when we’re getting in the water on route to our destination, Not to lose sight of the shore even when we can’t see it but just to keep swimming to dig your heels in and stay diligent in the struggle desire the aches, pains, struggles, heartache, headaches, and wanting to give in to the comfortable allure of quitting on the mission that you set out to fulfill.

And even as we jump off of the dock and into the water to start swimming, Let us take note and consider when we see the speeders just tearing down the road and as we move out of their way Because we understand the patients that this journey requires makes it a marathon and not a sprint that will get us to a nowhere destination with great speed.

If you’ve ever heard the saying the quicker you rise the harder you fall this would be in reference to those who crash down the road Because their minds have become accustomed to the fast pace of instant gratification that our culture promotes and glorifies.

No matter what shortcut or cheat code that you may think you have found there is absolutely no experience for The time the experience the blood the sweat and the tears that it takes to be able to sustain the level of success that you are working towards in your field of endeavor.

As I wrap up this blog post I want to encourage you that whatever point of your swim that you are and in, just keep the destination in your sight and just keep swimming!

Environmental Degradation and Climate Change

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Environmental Pollution

The environment is our major source of basic needs such as air, water, and food. Other secondary needs such as clothes, furniture, and construction materials are sourced from the environment. Based on this fact, it is imperative to ensure that we do not end up degrading our God given resources, as this will pose great danger to the survival of both us human beings and all other livings who call planet earth home.

Environmental Pollution

Today, we will look at some of the major human and natural factors that cause environmental degradation and climate change. We will also go an extra mile and look at some of the plausible solutions to the problems and what the governments can do to safeguard the environment for the benefit of the current and future generations.

Unsustainable Mining of Resources

Across the globe, there are hundreds if not thousands of mines that are used to extract various natural resources such as minerals and natural gas. Unfortunately, most of the companies that conduct these activities do not put into consideration the well-being of the future generations. You will be surprised to know that some have no plans of leaving the mining sites until they have depleted all the available resources. This in turn leaves little or no resources for the future generations. Minerals such as coal, gold, silver and bronze will be a thing of the past in the 26th century if the necessary measures to curb unregulated mining activities are not put in place and implemented.

Too Many Industries

Currently, we have an industry in every corner of the city manufacturing a particular product. Despite the many new technological innovations, most of the companies are reluctant to invest in modern machinery that is environmentally friendly and more efficient. This in turn results in massive release of carbon and other toxic gases into the atmosphere leading to air pollution and global warming. It is also important to note that inhalation of contaminated gases results in various respiratory diseases such as lung cancer.

Poor Farming Techniques

Agriculture is one of the most important industries that both government and non-governmental organizations need to support. Lack of enough food to feed the ever-increasing population can lead to a gradual decline of species. The high demand of food has resulted in innovators coming up with new farming techniques that lead to increased food production at the expense of the environment. For instance, excessive use of farm chemicals such as inorganic fertilizers results in pollution of underground water reservoirs as well as soil pollution. In the coming years, the soil will not be favorable for various farming activities, meaning the future generations will not be able to enjoy the many healthy foods that we currently have in the stores.

Natural Factors

By natural factors, I mean any occurrence that is beyond human control such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods. Despite the technology that we currently have, we still cannot stop hurricanes and earthquakes from occurring even though we can predict and put in place the necessary measures of reducing the damage. For instance, the recent earthquake that hit Haiti resulted in massive destruction of man-made structure such as tall buildings in towns, dams, homes, and hotels. This in turn results in massive environmental degradation that renders farms unproductive. Hurricanes causes oil spillages into the ocean when they hit oil refineries and this result to gross water pollution. The aquatic ecosystem is degraded by such occurrences resulting in loss of beneficial living species such as fish.

What needs to be done to curb environmental degradation and climate change?

This is one of the most common questions that leaders from all across the globe ask when deliberating on the plausible solutions of to this menace. Here are three solutions that can help control this problem.


The governments and non-governmental organizations need to put in place international rules to govern how the natural resources are utilized. The laws should also govern how manufacturing companies and business operate to ensure that their activities do not cause any harm to the environment.

Public Awareness

Hundreds if not thousands of people have little or no clue about what climate change and global warming is and this makes it almost impossible to curb this menace. There is a need for the government and the environmental bodies to carry out public awareness campaigns to educate the people on the need to promote environmental wellness for the benefit of the current and future generations. Some of the methods that can be used to achieve this goal include holding conferences, public meetings, internet, and media advertisements.

Collaboration between Countries

The just concluded Paris climate change summit is a good example of how we can change the world through collaboration. However, similar summits need to be held to come up with international treaties to maintain environmental integrity across the globe.

Bottom line;

It is possible to stop further environmental pollution and degradation if we come together and come up with ways of promoting environmental wellness. However, it might take time to achieve significant results but with determination and persistence, we will surely achieve immense positive results.

Ever so Thankful

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To be embraced by your presence..

For the many blessings coming down the pipeline. Following my inclination to make a whole post dedicated around the reality of the gratitude that I have for things in my life and how important I believe it is for us to sup and tasks stock of all of the things we are grateful for around us..

I’m telling you this is real people. The disposition of focusing our mental energies and heartfelt emotions in gratitude is an act that is related to an abundant and rich life that is fill of joy and contentment.

The reason I’m saying this is because tomorrow is not promised just to be honest, in which were going to see that what goes around comes around.

We where told what to do by a very wise and knowledgeable tutor and example in which we can be prepared on which actions to take to move forward on this journey.

And for that I’m grateful

I’m grateful for the unity that is being battle tested in the union being ready for bond likened to the bonds on the fishing nets that allow us to be aware of attacks from all angles while we stay watchful and diligent as we tag this journey of life step by step together.

Some very interesting things going on in the ballgame right now as we need the proper requirements in order to have the strength for the undertaking of what’s in front of us..

Just get ready for the blessings to drop as we hold all the way down and the timing plays the scenario out where it can be perfectly ideal where you could practically sneeze yourself into new dimensions of living and existence and service unto our great big extended family of humanity.

Not everybody got in the same ship at the same time. While on others thou are calling, do not pass me by. Let the light house reflect a beacon down to guide our ship of of these waters onto the next phase of this journey on the shore..

Like a race horse leaving the starting blocks with the blinders on ready to stay earnestly and eagerly in pursuit of the goal in our sights without any tolerance for distractions that can hinder progress from doing our level best to achieve the things that have been said unto us that is our calling in this life.

After dismissals and pleasantries, the military disassembles as we retreat back into our comes of the ring where we prepare to strike and tally our resources to be available for full capitalization of the miracle and gift of dreams becoming reality after the dues have been paid, the tears have been shed, the pain has been felt, the growth has been experienced, the wisdom had been acquired, the humility has been embraced, the instinct has been sharpened, the trail has been blazed, the passion has been elevated, the team has been built, the truth has been found.


Guide to Choosing a Professional Tree Service Grand Rapids Company

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To add elegance and value to your home, you need to carry out some maintenance tasks on your landscape such as pruning and uprooting some of the trees. Due to the delicate nature of these tasks, it is imperative to hire a professional who has the skills and experience required to get the job done.

Here are some of the key factors that you should consider in the selection process to hire the best.


Truth be told, there is a huge difference between professional and unprofessional service providers. Professionals are committed and determined to ensure that their clients get only the best services. They have working protocols that all their personnel are required to oblige to at all times. Some will even go an extra mile and give you insider tips on how to take care of various tree species.


The reputation that a particular company has in the market is a direct indication of the quality of services that they offer. More often than not, companies that have a poor track record are unreliable and provide substandard services. Hence, it is wise to avoid such companies to avert regrets down the road. A background research of each company on your list will help you choose a reputable tree service grand rapids Company that you can count on. Before making your final decision, take your time to consult other homeowners who have in the past sort the same service to get a clear picture of what to expect.

Technological Advancement

New technological innovation has led to the development of modern tree removal equipment that are safer, more efficient and effective than the traditional models. The best tree service companies understand this fact too well as evident from the state-of-the-art equipment that they use. Bottom line, choose a company that is keen to embrace various technological advancements in this industry to get maximal value for your money.


Time is one of the most limited resources in the world, and so it is important to nurture your time management skills to achieve your short and long term goals. The best tree removal companies have put in place work protocols that enable them to deliver quality services to their clientele promptly. You do not have to be on site for the job to be done especially if you have a busy schedule. Contact them and provide clear instructions on what you want to be done in your landscape.

Customer Support

Communication is crucial to the success of any business in the world. The best tree service Grand Rapid Company has an able team of customer care support personnel who respond to clients queries. You can contact them via phone, email or through the intuitive chat feature on their websites. Based on these facts, it is wise to choose a company that has a good customer support team.

Finally, consider the cost and service packages that each service provider offers to choose one that best fits your budget. Do not shy away from taking advantage of deals such as discounts to save money for your other needs.

You Are What You Think You Are

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I am stupid! I suck! I am ugly! No one likes me! We have all heard these words being uttered before! We have all heard these words from either a friend, family member, or even our lips. Sadly, most of us don’t truly understand the power of these words. Most importantly, we don’t understand the power of the thought process the comes before these words escape our lips. For someone to say these negative words, they must first think these negative words. Which would mean that they think they are stupid, they think they suck, they think they are ugly, and they truly think no one likes them. This then creates a mental picture of these negative words in the victims mind. I call this individual a victim because he/she is truly that. An unsuspecting victim of their own mind, a self inflicted would, and at the end, self inflicted pain.

“Whether You Think You Can or Can’t, You’re Right”–Henry Ford

The above words are from the Automobile Mogul himself. The man we can credit for the 4 wheeled beasts in our garages. Henry Ford new the power of how we see ourselves, and how think about ourselves. Judging from Henry Fords success, the man most likely knew what he was talking about. Would you not agree? I mean he did amass a net-worth of over $199 Billion Dollars in today’s Economy!! Did you hear that?? I repeat, in todays economy, henry Ford would have been worth $199 Billion. Thats Billion with a B! Ladies and Gentlemen, this man new the power of our minds! There is absloutley no way on earth he would have accumulated such a fortune without taking possession of his mind. He understood that whatever he thought about most would influence the way he saw himself. This would then dictate his actions. He understood that how he saw himself in his mind would dictate the way he spoke, the way he viewed himself, and the way other people viewed him. If Henry Ford’s thought process was I am stupid, I suck, I am ugly, no one likes me, then everything that he did would have shown that. From the way he walked, talked, interacted with people, so on and so worth. He would have never summed up enough courage to say hmmm..”I see a need for cars, and i am gonna work until that need is fulfilled, and until my goal is achieved, and my dream becomes a reality. He would have doubted himself! This is a stupid idea, it will never work, no one likes me anyways, no one will ever take me seriously, i am not that smart to make this happen, it is too much work. No man has ever accomplished anything without first thinking he can. The battle has to be won mentally first my friends. Anything repeatedly fed into that mind of yours literally becomes your reality! See yourself walking into that interview and leaving them speechless! See yourself approaching that beautiful woman and sweeping her off her feet! See yourself driving that drop top mercedes benz, blasting your favorite song, on the most beautiful day you have ever seen! Whatever it is you want, think about it in a positive way! I am a winner, I will get that job, I am beautiful in my own way, I am handsome, I have plenty of friends who love me, life is beautiful, I am thankful to be alive! See, the battle starts upstairs, before if can be seen downstairs. Life is too short, Make it worth living!

Watch the video below For More Info about Henry ford and his Success: